Funny Face Had supports From Debayor Of Exposes Sandra Ababio Beef

Funny Face has made some new revelations about the Kumawood actress Sandra Ababio – Funny Face says after Sandra Ababio public called him gay, she later came to apologize to him behind closed doors

Ghanaian comedian and actor Funny Face reignited the beef between himself and Lilwin’s girlfriend Sandra Ababio.

In the heat of the beef between Funny Face and Lilwin, Kumawood actress Sandra Ababio teamed up with Lilwin to deal with Funny Face.

According to Funny Face, Sandra even went ahead to say he is gay though the latter knew that he had been married before and he currently has kids with another woman.

Captioning the photo, Funny Face wrote: “SANDRA ABABIO .. You will understand da meaning of KASOA VANDAMME soon .. you know I love women pass anything because ur useless boyfriend Ntekuma Lil win told u abt my kinda women and class I like .. but u have da audacity to come and lie to da public dat am gay .. apuuuu .. but u came to lie to tarnish my image .. and secretly came to apologize to me behind closed doors .. da cross u are carrying on ur head u have no idea .. my GOD will strike you soon wait and see !! KASOA VANDAMME EI GO OVER YOU.”

However, in an earlier post, renowned footballer and friend of Funny Face, Emmanuel Adebayor threw his support behind the comedian to go ahead and expose Sandra Ababio. Emmanuel Adebayor said ” Bro I am right behind you with the guns”