Funny Face has Facing problems in his new marriage

Favorite actor and comedian Funny Face yesterday morning burst on social media accusing his colleagues Bismark the Joke, Kalybos, Lil Win, and others of trying to bring him down.

In one of the videos he shared on his Instagram page, the actor was heard saying that he needs to speak out against these people to be able to live and take care of his twins (Ella and Bella).

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Funny Face

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Many people wondered what could be going on to make Funny Face come out in such a manner.

In a new development, blogger Chris Vincent has revealed that the rant from the actor is as a result of him having problems in his new marriage.

According to Chris Vincent in a post on social media, he has had a lengthy conversation with Funny Face on phone and he has explained everything to him.

He shared: “SHOCKING: “I just had a long conversation with Funny Face on a very sad developing story involving his current baby mother—I’ve advised him to ignore some things! Sometimes your own woman can drag you down—all guys need to learn.”

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