Good girl doesn’t pay, be bad if you want to make money – Bob Risky to ‘fellow girls’

Bob Risky has given eccentric exhortation to young ladies about how to bring in cash.

As per the mainstream Nigerian drag queen, being a decent a young lady doesn’t pay, in this manner, great young ladies who need to bring in cash in 2021 should alter their way of living. “My sister come nearer to me, your kindred sister needs to converse with you,” he said.

In the video seen by ghanahitnews, she proceeded with that ” on the off chance that you know say you be osho free for a year ago, this year cash for hand, back for ground. Every one of those your untruths, infant I love you, I need to wed, e no dey work”.

Further hitting hard on men who state they need quiet and saved ladies, the questionable Nigerian barbie doll stated: ” go wed your mom, you dey furor … infant I like my young ladies quiet, I like my young ladies saved, go save your sister for house”.

In another video, he said ” great young lady no dey pay o, I trust you realize that. I am a decent young lady, I don’t go out, I would prefer not to undermine my sweetheart, e no dey pay. Your great young lady wey you do since a year ago 2020, you see for their”.

In the web-based media post by Bo Risky which has turned into a web sensation, he added that “let the cash high-roller spend on you, you go see cash you go dread”.

Hear more from Bob Risky in the video underneath which appears to be amusing to numerous while it additionally pursuing reaction from web-based media clients who can’t help contradicting his message.

Bob Risky as of late blended discussion as of late as regular when he revealed that he will go for sex change this year. In an Instagram post, he said has “saved over $300,000” for a medical procedure in Columbia.

Bob Risky in clarifying why he began crossed dressing, asserted that he doesn’t pick up anything from his long periods of dressing like a person until he began wearing female garments.

“Dis message is for all of you to peruse under the steady gaze of you judge me. I was officially a man for nearly 25yrs, nothing to show for it. I continued battling even with my testament as an alum of bookkeeping in college of Lagos, nothing to in any case show for it. I perceived how the entirety of my females companions were changing out in those days,” he composed.

He proceeded “I returned home and consider my life. On the off chance that I join theft they will wind up killing me, besides I don’t have that heart to think to that measurement or to try and trick individuals of their perspiration. while I was developing I have a smidgen of female highlights in me, so I choose to attempt what dressing in drag resemble. Under one yr of dressing in drag I began bringing in cash. I was still shock”.

Inscribing his legacy photograph above, he point by point “so I gave my body additional time, scouring costly creams, smelling pleasant, utilizing a greater amount of females body pills and paying special mind to myself. Blast more cash continue coming… men respecting me, ladies giving me supports from both ways”.

“Short story I fit in as a female to a man. God favor all d ladies around d world a significant number of you love me and acknowledged me, save me and I will consistently regard WOMEN,” he finished up and demanded the post underneath that his total sexual orientation change will clearly happen this year.