Gays are human with feelings created by God; Efia Odo on why she supports homosexuals

Efia Odo known for her unusual lifestyle has expressed her explanation supporting individuals of the LGBTQ society.

The blunt Ghanaian socialite clarifies that gays, similarly as some other living thing on earth, are made by God.

“Each living thing on the planet is a creation from God including “the villain.” Y’all treat gay individuals as though they ain’t people! For what reason do individuals care such a great amount about what others choose to do with their sexuality. Brain you all damn business. Every one of you do “wicked” things,” she said.

Efia Odo was noting an Instagram fan who asked her for what valid reason underpins gay individuals. In her Instastory answer, she likewise noticed that “they are individuals. They have blood going through their body. They drain much the same as you and I do. They feel hurt, they feel torment, they feel love they feel each feeling each individual feels”.

The entertainer’s assessment approaches what Kwasi Kyei Darkwa, has said as of late about gay people in Ghana. As indicated by the veteran Ghanaian telecaster, they are gay people in Ghana as well and he thinks it is moronic for them to conceal their character.

“There are individuals in Ghana who are gays. It is a result of the law in Ghana that they cover up. I think it is moronic that anyone living their fact should cover up. Wherever I had worked, there were individuals who were gay,” Mr Kwesi Kyei Darkwa said.

The design symbol who has once worked with GBC, Citi FM and with other media outfits in Ghana and abroad accentuated that “individuals are denouncing others for sins that they don’t submit however they are submitting more awful sins than the ones they censured”.