Popular TikTok star goes crazy, storms streets and markets over Ama Nova’s song “Calibre” (VIDEO)

A mainstream Ghanaian TikToker Oboy CJ, who is known for making insane tune response recordings, took it to the additional mile while responding to afro-pop songstress Ama Nova’s most recent tune “Type”.

The moderate rhythm sentimental afro-pop tune has gotten colossal recognition from music darlings, especially Ama Nova’s fans, since it was delivered in December 2020.

The tune was joined by sizzling, fresh visual coordinated by Some Song Studios,

Responding to the melody, Oboy CJ, in his typical mind-set and design, hollered Ama Nova’s name for all to hear in the city and at certain business sectors while singing the tune along.

He commanded the notice of spectators and workers because of his odd methodology. One may think he is mentally sick yet in all actuality, he is fine.

Ama Nova shared the response video on her Instagram page with the inscription: “Type simply be causing issues on the road @oboy__cj you filled my heart with joy fr”.

As per Ama Nova, the melody is about absolution seeing someone and particularly relationships since she accepts relationships can develop further and more if just accomplices discover a spot in the hearts to excuse each other when they turn out badly.

“This tune is an uncommon melody to me,” she revealed in a meeting. “60% of the motivation behind the tune depended on a genuine story. I composed this tune for a dear companion who was experiencing a difficult stretch in her marriage.”

He proceeded: “Truly, this is a melody that I accept many individuals can identify with in their day by day lives. It talks about adoration and pardoning in our relationships, connections, and even companionships.”

Watch “Type” music video below