Breaking: Bulldog granted bail

Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson otherwise known as Bulldog has been allowed bail today, thirteenth January 2021.

The candid craftsman director was captured on Monday eleventh January over supposed reports that he undermined Ghana’s sitting President, H.E Nana Addo. In another turn of events, Rex Omar has affirmed that Bulldog has been delivered about an hour prior.

Talking on Okay FM, he stated: “I won’t represent long, it hasn’t been long, around 30 minutes prior Bulldog’s Lawyer has educated me that he has been conceded bail, so that is the thing that I can say now”.

He proceeded with that ” I have spoken with him yesterday yet today I haven’t got with him and I haven’t seen either however in all actuality he has been conceded bail”.

Rex Omar added that he has been working for certain partners since yesterday by following all fair treatment to get him delivered and “by God’s beauty, his attorney and some powerful individuals have caused for him to get bail now”.

Talking about wellbeing after his delivery, Rex Omar expressed that he saw him yesterday and can affirm that he is fine. ” When I saw him yesterday and we talked, he was fine and in an optimistic mood … everybody should quiet down, nothing demonstrated he was tormented,” he revealed to Abeiku Santana.

As per Rex Omar, Bulldog has been held in guardianship at the police central command and individuals from the NDC have not affected his delivery since this doesn’t involve legislative issues. Hear more from him in the video beneath.