NEWS : Abeiku Santana begs Nana Addo to release Bulldog (VIDEO)

Abeiku Santana is begging Ghana’s President Nana Addo to deliver Bulldog.

Abeiku Santana

The Okay FM moderator talking on his show today stated: ” I am beseeching you Mr President, National Security, BNI, CID, I am asking for Bulldog my sibling with the goal that Ghana can keep filling in harmony,” he said.


“Mr. President you have power, Ghana’s constitution makes the president so amazing. You name the Chief Justice, you select the Auditor General, you have such a lot of intensity so we implore you. Bulldog is little, Ghana is enormous and the duty on you is large so we ask,” he added

Coordinating saying ‘sorry’ to the President, the Okay FM moderator in the video above noticed that “Mr president pardon, for reasons unknown he has been kept, we ask. We should think about Ghana’s turn of events and how to oversee COVID-19. We have such countless things to worry about”.
Rex Omar

The Ghanaian showbiz savant was captured 2 days prior over reports that he compromised the president. Bulldog showed up on UTV’s ‘Joined Showbiz’ show the previous end of the week where he offered a few remarks about the President concerning the Menzgold adventure.

“Concerning the Menzgold cash it will come, if not Nana Addo will run, he won’t complete his four years. I am advising you, he off limits finish his four years,” he said and Afia Schwarzenegger who was on the show contended that ” you are undermining the President” and he answered, “shut up it’s not your business, don’t speak for me”.

Rex Omar affirming his capture on Okay FM on Monday eleventh January stated: “As per sources a few young men from the Presidency went to capture him and they have gone to dump him at BNI while the BNI themselves don’t have the foggiest idea why Bulldog is there, so that is the data we have now”.

Be that as it may, he was unable to affirm the explanation behind Bulldog’s capture against the hypotheses.