NEWS : He looks like ‘gay albino gorilla’ – Reggie Rockstone slams Bukom Banku for bleaching

Photographs of the Ghanaian fighter have been becoming famous online as he re-visitations of fading his skin and fixing eyelashes. As indicated by Bukom Banku, he is dying again to command notice that will empower him to drift.

In any case, his new look has all the earmarks of being disturbing to the Hip Life grandpapa who depicted him as a gay pale skinned person gorilla.

Reggie Rockstone’s post has pulled in more than 3800 preferences and in excess of 200 remarks from web-based media clients who additionally shared their considerations about Bukom Banku’s fading and the rapper’s selection of words to depict the fighter.

One Instagram client, @yendawroger composed, ” blanching has nothing to do with albinism. It is a disastrous remark and an affront to all individuals living with albinism such as myself”.

Answering to the remark above, Reggie Rockstone expressed “@yendawroger never said it did! I said he is resembling a pale skinned person from his unnatural switch up!! Similarly as I said he looking gay cos of his eyelashes! None hostile and it is in a wry clever vein! Statements of regret if u felt I did. I surmise we ain’t asserting him and you all ain’t guaranteeing him so. regard”.