NEWS : I haven’t heard from the father of my children in 4 years – Tima Kumkum

At the point when separation strikes in a marriage and the couple choose to head out in a different direction, things now and again get muddled however in situations where kids are included, it is normal that the two players honor their obligations in bringing up the youngsters.

Television character, Cynthia Tima Yeboah who is prevalently known as Tima Kumkum has uncovered in a meeting on The Delay Show checked by GhanaWeb that her previous spouse has neglected to assume his part in the existences of their two kids following their partition in 2017.

Tima, in a stunning disclosure, expressed that she at first wedded her ex to demonstrate hatred for her previous sweetheart however after things didn’t go true to form, she needed to bail.

Portraying her story she stated: “I haven’t got with him in years, I am the one dealing with our kids. He remains here in Ghana… once in a while he disregards my calls. Shouldn’t advise him to provide food for his youngsters, he knows his duties as a dad.”

The mother of two who was practically very nearly separating during the meeting said that it has been “me and the youngsters from the beginning”.

“The division started when I took seed with my subsequent youngster, it was all because of some misconception. I was unable to state he cheated yet things turned out poorly with us. I moved from Koforidua to remain with my companion when I was pregnant… I didn’t have the foggiest idea about the whereabouts of my better half as at the time I was conveying our kid yet after my protected conveyance he restored, that was during our detachment in 2014,” she uncovered.

She again described an episode in her life where the mother of a man she later went into a relationship with after her separation would not permit his child to wed her since she previously had youngsters.

“His mom said she doesn’t comprehend why his child will wed a lady who as of now has two children from a past marriage.”

Regardless of her bombed endeavors in discovering genuine affection, Tima says she is eager to allow love another opportunity yet under the condition that the man should acknowledge her kids.

Watch the meeting underneath: